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    November 16, 2018

    A Night to Celebrate

    The theme from our Annual Awards Dinner and what a night it was!  And here are the winners we celebrated and just a piece of my talk.

    Small Business of the Year.  Home grown businesses.  We love them.  We’re the Chamber of Commerce, of course we love home grown businesses, that what we live for.  This small business has everything we like and fortunately, everything you like too.  The space is critical, it’s the kind of space that is make or break for a town depending what’s there, and our winners made it the best.  Our 2018 Small Business of the Year is BRU 64.  Owners Judd Seales and Kelly Gregory are to be congratulated.

    Large Business of the Year.  This large business was the result of a ton of hard work by a local family.  The CNY logo really stands out and is now evident on CNY Power Sports, CNY Farm Supply, CNY Rental, and CNY Storage.  Congratulations to the Law family of Dave, Lori, and sons Tim and Eric.

    Heritage Award.  This award is intended for a business with a long standing history in our community, often multiple generations have participated.  This year’s business is exceptionally qualified.  When I think about this business, family, high quality, caring for the community, and rock and roll are my first thoughts.  The very deserving winners of the 2018 Heritage Award for many many years of exceptional service is the Hollywood Restaurant.  Owners David and Denise Feinstein. 

    Non-Profit of the Year.  Every community needs help and some residents need more immediate help than others.  This organization is instrumental in helping new mothers, children, and families in crisis.  Their name says it all.  The Award for our Non-Profit of the year goes to Helping Hands, Caring Heart, and Pat Lang Executive Director.

    Up and Coming Millennial Award.  Still relatively new to our community but making an impact already and we look forward to his leadership for years to come.  If you haven’t already met him, I hope you get the chance to soon.  This year’s Up and Coming Millennial is Kaleb Wilson from AmeriCU.

    Community Service Award.  A man mature beyond his years, to all of us he’s a friend. Our winner has talent and has traveled the world.  He could be making tremendous contributions in any community around the world, large or small, but he has chosen his home town and we are all benefiting from his decision.   The 2018 Kathy Cotterill Community Service Award is presented to Jamie Yaman.

    The Chamber will continue to keep you updated in What’s Hot but as always feel free to call our office with questions about any of our programs, or about businesses in our area (756-2814). 

    The Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce Vision: To be the premiere business resource in Cortland County and beyond.

    Bob Haight
    Bob Haight, President/CEO
    (607) 756-2814
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