• Small Business Saturday 2022

    Why Shop Small?
    You’ll see Chambers and Economic Development organizations talk continually about our “local economy” but what exactly does that mean?  Recently I spoke with Rob Garrison from Homer Men and Boys about this exact topic. If I were to buy a sweatshirt and pair of jeans from Amazon for $70, that money leaves our community and I receive the items.  $70 spent, with clothes in return.
    Now take the same $70 and buy the jeans and sweatshirt at Homer Men and Boys and what happens.  I still get the clothes, but the money doesn’t stop circulating in our community.  Homer Men and Boys buy accounting services from Amy Winters, cars from Royal Auto, Tires from Tallmadge, food from the Village Food Market and CP Specialty Foods, radio ads from X101, insurance from Tanner Ibbotson, and many other local businesses.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Amy Winters buys lunch at The New York Bagel and gets her car serviced at Craigs Auto in Homer.  Tallmadge employees go across the street for meals at The Hollywood Restaurant. X101 gets auto work done at O’Shea Auto. O’Shea’s buys auto parts from our local auto store.
    Can I keep going?  You bet!  Many of them buy logo apparel from Bernard’s on Main Street, lunches at our local restaurants and a beer from one of our local breweries.  Local landscapers care for the properties and plow their snow.  Local haulers take their trash away and we all buy our toys from CNY Farm Supply and K&H Motors, don’t we?  And of course, each of those businesses employ local people and pay local taxes, supporting all of us.
    I could go on and on but I’m hoping you see my point.  When we spend money locally it is circulated and doesn’t just leave for a corporation out of town.  The same $70 you spent is helping to fund your local municipalities, educate your children, and keep us employed.
    The Holidays are our largest time for spending, spend it locally for your gifts and you give a tremendous gift to all of us.  Undecided on what to buy? Look at the Small Business Saturday Deals on our website or call our office and we’ll help; we have ideas for everyone!
    The Chamber will continue to keep you informed about local business news and activities.  We look forward to serving you from our new Main Street Cortland location, during the Main street transition and beyond.

    Bob Haight
    Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce

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