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  • Chamber of Commerce D&I Mission

    To encourage, support and educate employers to build inclusive workplace environments, as they seek to value and strengthen diversity.

  • The following local resources/experts are available for confidential consultation.


    Lorraine Lopez-Janove

    Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer - SUNY Cortland

    • Support on how to diversify staff, engage our students or other customers from diverse backgrounds, and hold difficult conversations related to race and/or gender. In person, phone, virtual calls, or via email


    Sam Adams (she/her)

    Program Coordinator - Cortland LGBTQ Center

    • Available training topics: attracting and retaining LGBTQ employees, creating welcoming spaces for LGBTQ clients and customers, and company policy review.
    • Email Sam (sadams@familycs.org) to learn more or schedule a training.


    JM Murray/Employment Connection


    607-756-9913 or 607-756-4041

    842 Bennie Road, Cortland NY 13045

    • Contact us to diversify your workforce and tap in to the talent and variety of skills offered by individuals with disabilities
    • Learn more about reasonable accommodations and the resources available to assist employers
    • Find out more information about work incentives that are offered to businesses when they hire an individual with a disability
    • Reach out to us to get some support with job coaching for an employee who may be struggling


    • Stone Soup Cortland video  (2:42)
    • New Haven Consulting Group training ($20/$25) >20 years’ experience in D&I
      • D&I previously viewed, “geared toward HR and Leadership Teams”
      • NHCG also has other trainings
    • Recorded Webinar
      • An Open Conversation: Racial Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Business
    • YWCA Cortland 2022 Stand Against Racism Challenge
      • ‚ÄčApril 4-May 2 / Weekdays
      • A free 21-day virtual learning opportunity that explores a different equity and social justice topic each week.
    • Equity training video