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  • 2023 Legislative Priorities

    Passed by our Board of Directors 2/8/2023


    Message to our Members: The Board of Directors of the Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce has passed a resolution approving the 2023 Legislative Priorities. This is intended to be a living document and may be added to as the year progresses, but this initial document will be presented to our local, state, and federal Legislators.

    The priorities were developed from responses received from our Survey and discussion during the meetings of our Legislative Committee and our Board of Directors.

    • Members response on business climate – 50% positive, 36% neutral, 14% negative.

    • Workforce Development – 78% have concern or high concern (hiring qualified employees)

    Impacts include Increased hiring costs, increased overtime. Many comments about added stress on ownership, current employees, and profitability.

    • 62% of respondents are concerned about accessible, affordable, childcare for themselves or their

    employees. 85% are in favor of increasing childcare slots.

    The Chamber is supportive of lower taxation and regulations, especially on our small businesses, and

    programming that will make our communities stronger and municipalities more efficient.

    In addition, for 2023 we have three main areas of focus/support:

    1. Workforce Development

         a. Short-term, targeted education programs to provide employment ready individuals.

             (i.e., Micro-credential programs).

         b. Programing to provide our employers with quality candidates.

    2. Childcare –

         a. Restructuring of childcare to allow licensed childcare centers to operate at a positive

             return while providing competitive wages and meeting all state-imposed regulations.

         b. Increasing the number of childcare slots.

         c. Cortland area early education providers work well together, we know the community

             would support a pilot program to expand and improve childcare options in our area.

    3. Housing –

         a. New and rehabilitation housing in a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of affordability to

             increase our quality and volume of housing stock.

         b. Local municipalities should always have a role when new housing policies are developed.

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