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                                         MEMBER PRICING

    **All outside booths will have 8’ back draping! (as seen in the photo above)

    Booth Option A:  10 x 10, 3’ draping two sides,  8’ back drop with electric…….$ 465

    Booth Option B:  10 x 20, 3’ draping two sides,  8’ back drop with electric…….$ 645

    ** Center floor booths to feature an open floor concept!

    Booth Option C*:  10 x 10, 3’ draping on three sides w/electric …..$390

    Booth Option D*:  10 x 20, 3’ draping on three sides w/electric …..$545

    * These options have a 3’ backdrop. Each 10x10 space will only be allowed the equivalent of ONE 3’ wide pull-up banner.

    Non-members add $150 to member pricing —Call 756-2814 to ask about membership!

    ~All 10 x 10 booths will receive ONE ticket for Friday’s Preview Party.

    ~All 10 x 20 booths will receive TWO tickets for Friday’s Preview Party.

    Additional tickets for Friday night’s PREVIEW PARTY can be purchased below.

    Everyone must have a ticket even those working the booth.

    $30 - member price $40 non-member price


    Additional tables and chairs can be purchased through Northeast Decorating. Call us at 607-756-2814 if you are interested.




    Showcase FAQ

    Q: How do I get my Preview Party Tickets?

    A: Please purchase them online in advance. They can be picked up at the door.

    Q: Do the people working the booth need Preview Party Tickets?

    A: YES, everyone needs a Preview Party Ticket to get in.

    You will receive either 1 or 2 depending on the size of your booth.

    Q: What kind of signs and displays can I bring?

    A: If you purchase an 8’ tall booth you can set up 8 Foot Signs or higher.

    If you purchase a 3’ tall inside booth you can have

    one 3’ wide pull-up sign per 10’ of booth.

    Q: Can I have food at my booth?

    A: Prepackaged items are ok. Call for more info.

    You will need a temporary food permit for anything open even popcorn.

    Contact the Health Department at 753-5036.

    Q: When do I set up?

    A: Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm & Friday, 9 am to 1 pm.

    Set-up must be completed by 1 p.m. on Friday

    Q: Is there Wi-Fi? A: Yes

    Q: What do I wear to the Preview Party?

    A: PLEASE DO NOT WEAR HEELS either day!

    The Preview Party tends to be dressy. Anywhere from Business Casual to Professional. Wear flats! Heels damage the tuff.